WHAT IS IT? The RollOn Lightning throttle is a replacement throttle tube that is designed to move more cable per degree of rotation for a quicker response.

WHAT’S IT COST? $37.50.

CONTACT? or (864) 855-7101.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with RollOn’s Lightning throttle tube.

(1) Options. The Lightning throttle tube is available on Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki models for two-strokes (single cable) or four-strokes. There are also slow-turning and progressive-turning throttle tube options, but MXA elected to test their primary design.

(2) Candidates. Three groups of riders will reap the benefits of a faster-turning throttle tube: (a) Anybody riding a bike without much bottom end or torque, namely 250Fs and two-smokes that spend most of their time wide open and revving. (b) Fast guys and throttle jockeys who have the talent to go flat out all the time. (c) Riders with wrist injuries who have reduced twisting ability or limited hand mobility.

(3) Features. The RollOn Lightning has a 15-percent-quicker rotation than OEM throttle tubes. The Lightning has spiral grooves around the body to help keep the grip in place. RollOn backs their products with a 30-day, unconditional satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty against breakage and wear.

(4) Installation. For the four-stroke models, RollOn made the cam part of the tube small enough to fit in the housing without modification, which is excellent, because filing away at the housing is not fun. The two-stroke models do require some housing modification. The only other installation consideration is that the throttle cable can take up a little slack. If it’s on the edge of adjustment, you could be in trouble and have to buy a new cable.

(5) Performance. You can’t argue with physics. The Lightning opens the butterfly quicker and makes the engine feel more responsive. Logically, pulling more cable per degree of throttle turn also means that the throttle will be more difficult to twist, but we had no complaints. Some aftermarket throttle cams are too aggressive for average riders, but the Lightning offers a modest yet noticeable improvement in the quickness of the hit. The Lightning helps riders get all the way to the stops quicker.

(6) Durability. We were impressed with the resilience of the throttle tube. We hit the RollOn throttle tube with a ball-peen hammer and it would not crack.    

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No complaints.

Every time MXA tests adjustable-cam throttle tubes, everybody just ends up sticking with the largest cam/quick option. This is big powerband improvement for under $40?and that’s a rare deal.

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