Not only do we build an almost exact copy of Cooper Webb’s KTM 300SX two-stroke, but we spare no time or expense to make it something that the average racer could do if he had Bill Gates’ bank account. We also test the 2020 KTM 250 SX for those with champagne tastes, but a beer budget (imported beer). But wait, there’s more. We get our hands on a FIM World Motocross Sidecar, plus two Grand Prix riders, to help the MXA gang learn how to become sidecarcross racers.


Ever wonder what that old bike in your garage is worth? MXA went to the Las Vegas Mecum Motorcycle Auction to find out. We show you the most unique dirt bikes ever made (and what they crossed the block for).


The 1971 AJS 250 Stormer was both way behind the times and way ahead of it. It’s engine was an outdated Villiers Starmaker and the AJS name was associated with British road bike, but the AJS Stormer was the first production bike with moved up shocks and leading axle front forks.


(Left) You can get the digital edition of MXA on your phone lap-top, tablet or iMac for only $9.99 for 12 issues, but right now, during the coronavirus lock-down, you can get full access for free for 45 days—no string attached. Check the website for details. (Right) Here are some of the products that MXA tested and recapped in recent issues.


MXA takes you back to when Cole Seely was racing Honda CRF250’s for the TLD team. This is the actual test of his 2011 race bike.


Looking for a new 250cc two-stroke? Can’t decide between a KTM, Yamaha  or Husky. Let us break the tie for you with a detailed and informative test of the 2020 KTM 250SX. We answer question you never thought of aaking


(Left) “What We Want” is a quick trip through the four products that caught our eye this month. (Right) Did you know that Yamaha built a V12 Supercar, a pickup-truck, the 1967 James Bond Toyota GT2000 or hired Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray to built them an inexpensive carbon fiber sports car. You do now.


We sat down with Ryan Sipes to talk about his motocross career. No, about his dirt track career. Oops, we meant mean his Erzberg Rodeo career. No, make that his Supercross career. Eventually, he talked we just listened.


Do you have a trusted friend? If you want to be a sidecar motocross racer you are trusting him with your life. MXA’s Daryl Ecklund and Josh Mosiman got lessons from two FIM World Sidecar Championship racers before even attempting the stupid things they eventually did. This sport is not for pansies—it is the toughest motorsport sport in the world.


You may remember Carson Brown from the glory days of pit bike racing. Now, Carson is all grown up and racing the AMA circuit. We took his JMC Husqvarna FC250 to a Supercross track and put it through its paces.


And you didn’t think we were going to let Carson get away without riding his 190cc Daytona-powered, hand-built, aluminum-framed, BBR pit bike.  Carson believes that pit bike racing can make a comeback and you’ll believ it once you see what this bike is all about.


(Left) Would you like to work in the motocross industry. Listen to what these three guys have to say. (Right) Do you use your legs the proper way when you are riding? Probably not. We teach you the tricks of the trade when it come to clamping onto your bike.


You can “Ask the MXperts” the impossible and they will come through come up with the answer. Like the guy who wanted air forks that felt like coil spring forks, but didn’t weight as much as coil spring forks. Yeah, we knew the answer to that question and much more.


In the March 2020 issue of MXA we got our hands on Cooper Webb KTM 300SX two-stroke. We liked it so much that we suggested that perhaps KTM should give it to us. They laughed. But, we got the last laugh because we built a do-it-yourself replica using readily available parts. Believe it or not, it was as good a bike as Coops.


With Supercross canceled, we went looking for one final photo essay on the year of the Supercross sand sections.


(Left) These are Motion Pro’s hottest products. If you ever need a special tool to work on your motorcycle, they are the one-stop shopping center.  (Right) We started out to tell you ten things about the 2020 KTM 350SXF, but remembered an 11th thing, then a 12th thing. We could have kept going, but we ran out of paper.


(Left) This looks like everyone on the line has a good chance of getting the holeshot in Oakland. Not so. This is Supercross and if you aren’t on the inside of the starting gate, you stand a good chance of getting booted through the banners on the outside of turn one.


(Left) want a full-race. high-tech exotic head for your Yamaha YZ250F. GYTR has one, already fully assembled and waiting for your $1999 check. (Right) How about training wheels for Juniors’ Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Husky or Kawasaki kid’s bike? You can get them for $119.95 from Moose Racing.


(Left) Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Jody is here to tell you that even the worst track you’ll ever have to raced on is more fun than that. (Right) Love that full-body work Mazda Yamaha YZ250. It made the cover of the May 2000 issue of MXA because bodywork offered signage for outside sponsors. The factories nixed the idea.

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