WHAT IS IT? Five-time National motocross and Supercross Champion Jeff Emig has released the ODI Emig 2.0 V2 lock-on grip as an improvement on the original Emig grip. The Emig 2.0 V2 grip has key differences to set it apart from the Emig Pro lock-on grip. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $28.95. 

CONTACT? or your local dealer. 

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the ODI Emig 2.0 V2 lock-on grips.

(1) Design. The most noticeable aspect of the ODI Emig 2.0 V2 is the new soft/medium durometer compound for improved hand comfort and grip durability. In addition, taller knurling and softer Emig branding create a tackier feel in the rider’s palm, plus the revised taller waffle design helps with fingertip traction.  

(2) Concept. Lock-on grips skip the need for glue and safety wire that glue-on grips require, not to mention that you get a new throttle tube every time you change grips. As much as we like the Emig Pro V2 grips, in testing, the Emig 2.0 V2 grips lasted longer.  

(3) Installation. Installing the ODI Emig 2.0 V2 grips is simple. On the clutch, you simply slide the ODI grip over your bars and tighten the 3mm Allen bolt to 15 inch-pounds of torque. For the throttle side, you select the proper throttle cam (a cam guide is included) for your model and attach it to the throttle tube. The hardest part of the installation is making sure the throttle side waffles are in the right spot. To find the correct position, look for the small “Made in USA” text on the grip’s end and position it on the bottom. Level it with the ground when setting your throttle cam. From there, the grip installs like a normal throttle tube.  

(4) Throttle cam. When the grips are new and in the packaging, the throttle tube has a cam already installed, but there is no universal cam. ODI V2 lock-on grips come with six different throttle cams (B, C, D, J, K & M) for most models of two-strokes and four-strokes. Luckily for KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas owners, those bikes come stock with ODI lock-on grips, and you can copy the stock cam placement to line up your new grips. 

(5) Performance. Back to back, against the earlier versions of the Emig V2 grips, our test riders enjoyed the soft/medium compound and tacky feel of the new grip. Thanks to the taller knurling and waffles, it offers excellent traction without sacrificing comfort. The ends on the ODI Emig 2.0 V2 grips are great for riders who have a small tip-over, because the ends don’t blow out and allow dirt inside the grips. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The new taller knurling and waffles on the ODI Emig 2.0 grips are great for comfort, but they do make the grip slightly larger in diameter. Only our pickiest testers could feel the size difference. 

MXA RATING: Our test riders really liked the increased durability of the ODI Emig 2.0 V2 grip. The Emig Pro grip is softer and smaller in your hands, but the Emig 2.0 V2 grip is more durable with improved traction and impressive bump absorption.



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