WHAT IS IT? The Rekluse 12-plate TorqDrive clutch pack for the Honda CRF450 is made in the USA. It is the same basic system used by the factory teams, only at an affordable price point. It uses your stock components and is a plug-and-play plate replacement system. This clutch system is available for all of the major bike brands.

WHAT’S IT COST? $349.00 (TorqDrive Pack), $159.00 (Rekluse clutch cover).

CONTACT? or (208) 426-0659

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Rekluse TorqDrive clutch pack.

(1) Stock clutch. The 2017 to 2020 Honda CRF450s are known for their weak clutches. In truth, the CRF450 clutches back to 2009 have a spotty reputation. The clutch is most critical on the 2019-20 CRF450s because the bikes are pumping out over 60 horsepower. This monster power puts a strain on the CRF450’s already weak clutch. It is important to note that the stock CRF450 clutch comes with a judder spring located at the bottom of the OEM friction pack. The common fix is to take the judder spring (ring-like Belleville washer), metal judder washer and thin plate out and replace those three parts with one full-size fiber plate. Although this does not help the durability, it does create a better clutch release feel. The CRF450 has a tendency to go through clutch plates quickly, which causes the oil to get contaminated at a faster rate, requiring more frequent oil changes. 

(2) Installation. Installing the Rekluse TorqDrive clutch pack is fairly easy—if you follow the instructions to a T. The Rekluse clutch cover ($159) is not required, but it holds more oil and offers a factory look. The TorqDrive clutch pack comes with springs, 12 TorqDrive friction plates and 10 steel drive plates. The tools that are needed to install the Rekluse TorqDrive clutch pack are a fluid catch container, 8mm socket, 10mm socket, torque wrench and awl. After draining the oil, lay the bike on its left side. Disassemble the OEM clutch. Check the clutch basket for notching on the tangs, then install the new clutch. This clutch comes with steel basket sleeves to reduce notching on the tangs, so install these first. Follow the instructions from there. For more detailed installation instructions, see the manual on the Rekluse website.

(3) Performance. The Rekluse TorqDrive clutch pack increases the clutch torque capacity by about 20 percent. With 12 plates, the TorqDrive pack offers a lighter lever feel and a more controlled release at your fingertips. Not only does it have a smoother feel, it also helped with the throttle-to-rear-wheel consistency. When testing it, the engagement let out quite early with a smoother transition, allowing more control over the bike. 

(4) Durability. During testing of the Rekluse clutch pack, the MXA wrecking crew had no issues. It lasted much longer than the stock clutch with better feel. The play in the lever also stayed consistent. On the plus side, we noticed that the oil was cleaner when changing it out compared to the stock clutch. We checked it at regular intervals to see the condition of the metal sleeves on the basket tangs. It’s important to note that clutches are high-wear parts. In fact, they work by wearing the plates down, so regular maintenance is required. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No complaints.

MXA RATING: This is a must-have product for the 2017–2020 Honda CRF450. It is a vastly superior product to the OEM clutch.  


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