The 2022 Dubya World Vet Championship will take place on November 4-6 and every amateur rider will get in more track time and a chance to save money below.

The 38th Annual Dubya World Vet Motocross Championships will take place November 4th through the 6th. This is one of the sport’s most popular events with over a thousand riders traveling from every state in the union and over 20 different countries to compete for a prestigious World Vet Championship title. For 2022 we are looking forward to having more countries participate (given that the pandemic in 2020 and Visa restriction in 2021 stopped most foreign racers from showing up).

Swedish Grand Prix and ISDT racer Lars Larsson will be at the 2022 World Vet in hopes of winning his fifth World Vet crown—his win streak began back in 2001 when he won the Over-60 Expert class, he then won the Over-70 class in 2011 (and repeated in 2012) and last year Lars took the Over-80 crown in 2021. The ten-year pattern (2001, 2011 and 2021) coincided with his 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays.

After a successful, but very busy race last year, we listened to your suggestions and we are excited to announce an all-new race format. The 2022 Dubya World Vet Motocross Championship will have a new three-moto format where riders will have one day of practice (Friday) and two days of competitive racing (Saturday and Sunday) to crown the World Vet Champion of each class. By changing to this format, we should be able to keep from cutting any laps and even have time to clean up the rougher sections of the track between motos.

Glen Helen builds a special track every year just for the World Vet. Look at this photo and try to figure out what’s going on here.

Racing will begin Saturday morning with all amateur classes racing. We will race halfway into the second motos and then finish the 2nd and 3rd motos on Sunday. The Over-40 Pros, Over-50 Pros and Over-30 Pasha 125 Pros will race two motos for the championship on Saturday. On Sunday the Over-30 Pro class and Over-50 Pasha 125 Pros will race. The World Vet Cup of Nations will be held again this year with the first moto on Saturday and a second moto on Sunday. Be on the lookout, a tentative race schedule will be posted a few weeks before the event.

Trevor Nelson (with camera), Josh Mosiman (12) and Josh Fout (92) just finished with the Pala and Hangtown 450 Nationals where Josh M. raced and Josh F. was his mechanic. They never miss the World Vet. Josh Mosiman won the Over-25 Championship in 2021.


Take advantage of our early bird June special and save up to $100 by pre-registering online starting on Wednesday, June 1 .

Pre-Entry Fees:
$50 First Class | $40 Second Class June 1st to June 31st
$60 First Class | $50 Second Class July 1st to July 31st
$70 First Class | $60 Second Class August 1st to August 31st
$80 First Class | $70 Second Class September 1st to September 30th
$100 First Class | $90 Second Class October 1st to November 3rd

Post-Entry Fees:
$150 First Class | $140 Second Class

Make sure to register early on www.GlenHelen.com


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