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Photos by Debbi Tamietti and Chris Alamangos

Preston Tilford won the 450 Pro class with a 1-2 score. Tilford was one of two Pasha Racing riders in the top three. Dennis Stapleton (184) not only won the Vet Pro class, but he holeshot the first moto and led all the Pros for a couple laps.

The weekly moto wars at Glen Helen continued as REM held round two of their Summer Series. Since REM races 40 times a year, it should be no surprise that they will be holding races at Glen Helen for six straight weeks before taking a break on August 30th. This weekend saw lots of impressive battles in virtually every class on a track that was surprisingly rough—even for REM  (which has a rep for being very bumpy). REM will race again next weekend. But for now, enjoy Debbi Tamietti’s and Chris Alamangos’ photo gallery. For more info go to

16-year-old Jeremy Byrne (55) was close to the front all day long and ended up second overall in the 450 Pro class with a 2-3.

Justin Jones (48) raced MXA’s 2015 KTM 450SXF and went 5-1. He raced most of the first moto after getting a flat front tire while leading. MXA borrowed a front wheel from Will Harper for the second moto (because there was a rock gash in Jones’ front tire). Last week Jones raced MXA’s 350SXF to first overall in the 450 Pro class.

Kordel Caro (672) won the 250 Pro class with a 2-1 over Cole Seeley (194) who went 1-3.

Nathan Cernicky swept both motos of the 450 Intermediate class in front of a top three of Edward Denton and Stuart Robertson.

MXA test rider Willy Musgrave hasn’t raced since he finished second overall in the Over-50 World Championships back in November (behind Doug Dubach). Willy has been busy racing karts, but he had a weekend off and came out to win the Over-50 Elite class with a 2-1 in front of Willy Simons’ 1-2.

We are not quite sure what normally stylish Jon Ortner is doing here, but he jumped out of the rut, locked up his rear brake and did a reverse Hoppalong Cassidy. Either way, he went 3-3 behind Musgrave and Simons in the Over-50 Elite class.

Andy Jefferson had a weekend off from managing the Husqvarna offroad racing team, so he came to REM to race. Andy went 4-4 in the Over-50 Elite class.

Val Tamietti (31) won the Over-50 Expert class for the second week in a row on his YZ250 two-stroke. Robert Reisinger was second, Dean Adkins third, Dave Eropkin fourth, Luther French fifth, Willie Amaradio sixth, Will Harper seventh, Joe Sutter eighth, Phil Dowell ninth and Bob Rutten tenth.

Heading into the second turn Robert Reisinger (96), Jon Ortner (10), Randy Skinner (383) and Ron Lawson (35) eat dirt.

Ron Shuler (33) swept the Over-40 Intermediate class in front of a top five of Mark Bowen, David Cincotta, Scotty Walker and Pasha Afshar.

Mark Bowen (126) grabs a little air on his way to second in the Over-40 Intermediates.

Pete Vetrano (37) double-classed it. Pete finished second overall in the Over-40 Novice class and ninth in the Over-50 Intermediates. For those unfamiliar with SoCal Vet class structure, a rider can move down one skill level for every ten-year age group. Thus, an Over-50 Intermediate can race the Over-40 Novice class.

Todd Sibell (130) gives Robert Marino (58) a rubber nudge. Marino’s foot in under Sibell’s front tire.

Tyler Gray (432) gets his rear wheel clipped by Todd Sibell (130) in the Novice race — which is a lot better than getting your foot run over.

Swedish rider Gustav Gustafsson (862) is one of a large contingent of Scandanavian riders who race at REM — Fredrik Noren, now at Team Honda, used to be one of the regulars.

Syd Woods (489) won the large Over-50 Novice class in front of Robert Pocius, Lonnie Paschal, Eric Swanson, Ted Kukla, Brian Underdahl, Scott Singer, Paul Crouch, Don Wallace and Ian Pederson. Over-50 Novice regular Brian Martin crashed and dislocated his shoulder in moto two.

Cade Matherly won the 125 Two-stroke class and finished second in the 85 class.

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