It has been eleven years since Dunlop introduced their Geomax line with the MX51 and MX31 tires and last week Dunlop invited MXA back out to Perris Raceway—the same track that the original Geomax’s were introduced at in 2008—to give us all the details on their next generation intermediate/hard terrain off-road mx tire which will be available to purchase at dealers any day now.

The managers, engineers and marketing personnel at Dunlop have been listening to their customers requests, they’ve been reading the online comment sections and they’ve been working with their riders to continue improving their tires. The census is in and it shows that racers enjoy the traction and comfort provided by Dunlop’s MX33 tires while the average riders who aren’t focused on racing have been buying the MX52 tires because they last longer. The tire developing crew at Dunlop were surprised when they found out that the MX52 tire has outsold the MX33. More durable tires allow riders to spend their money on going the track and spend less time changing tires.

Josh Mosiman 2020 Yamaha YZ250FMXA’s Assistant Editor and test rider, Josh Mosiman spun some laps out at Perris on the new MX53 tires.

The goal in designing the all-new patterns and rubber compound on the MX53 was to create a tire that is better handling and more versatile to handle a wider range of terrains than their previous MX52 model. Dunlop worked hard to improve the tires soft terrain abilities, without sacrificing durability and hard terrain traction. When compared to the popular soft/intermediate terrain MX33 model, the MX53 designed more for the average rider rather than Supercross Pros. Although it’s different from the MX33, the MX53 uses a thinner sidewall, taller knobs, a new rubber compound and more to help it cross over further into the intermediate range to be more like the MX33 than Dunlop’s previous intermediate/hard terrain MX52.

DUNLOP MX53 MEDIA 9-21-19-4Dunlop brought out the full set up for their media launch day on the new Geomax MX53 tires.


DUNLOP MX53 REAR TIRELook closely at the block-in-a-block design on the Dunlop MX53’s rear tire.

The rear tire also incorporates the diamond block-in-a-block design that was first  introduced with great success on the MX33. The diamond shape of this altered knob increases the surface area of the block, enhancing stability and slide control. Two additional angles increase the number of biting edges to dig into the dirt. The updated shape has also been added to the rear tire along the shoulder. This wider knob provides a steady base to maximize traction along the outer edge of the tire’s surface.


DUNLOP MX53 MEDIA 9-21-19-3The new Geomax MX53 mounted on MXA’s 2020 Yamaha YZ250F. 

The new Geomax MX53 now also features the same block-in-a-block technology on the front tire, which allows enhanced flex on each knob to give your front tire more grip. The tie bars connecting the base of the knobs add heightened durability to enhance performance in harder terrains. The individual flex of each knob improves linear tracking and aids in steering, as the block can now flex around various terrain elements.

TRAVIS FANT RIDINGMXA videographer Travis Fant laid down his video camera to get a close up feel of what he had been shooting.

DUNLOP MX53 MEDIA 9-21-19-3

Dunlop’s Senior Test Engineer, Clark Stilez said: When testing new tires, the very first thing I notice is handling and compliance. It is extremely important to me that the MX53 tire maintained the well-known Geomax handling characteristics, while also excelling in a wider variety of terrain. The new tread pattern we developed allowed us to accomplish both.”

The compound for the MX53 tires has a higher number of molecular polymer particles. This results in a higher fracture strength, meaning more durability. Dunlop has also added more fine carbon particles. The carbon particles are responsible for grip.


Dunlop’s Broc Glover talks about the importance of a tire’s compound: “The compound is an instrumental aspect of how a tire performs. Striking the balance between durability and performance is the key to bringing a tire to a market that works for the majority of riders.”

DUNLOP MX53 MEDIA 9-21-19-3The MX33 was the first Geomax tire to be made available for all sized motocross bikes from minis to big bikes, now the MX53 is following in it’s footsteps.  


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