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Fly Racing has just announced their latest advancement in motorcycle safety and performance with the launch of the FLY Formula S helmet. At the heart of this groundbreaking helmet lies the Quin device, revolutionizing the way motorcyclists experience safety and ride analytics.

Quin, a pioneer in crash detection for motorcyclists, has been providing life-saving support to riders in emergencies since 2018. This expertise is now integrated into every Fly Formula S helmet, making it a must-have for riders seeking the utmost safety and connectivity on the road.



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•At the core of the Formula S technology is the Quin device. Quin specializes in crash detection for motorcyclists and has been helping riders get help in emergencies since 2018.
•Every FLY Formula S helmet features Automatic Crash Detection, an S.O.S. Beacon button, emergency alerts and the option for a direct link to 911 emergency services supported by a 5-diamond level monitoring center.
•In the case of an emergency, FLY sends mission critical location, health, and safety data to the rider’s trusted circle and 911*. Alerts are sent to emergency contacts via e-mail and push notification. APEX members receive ability to send alerts via SMS and Q-Protect an additional, 5-diamond level monitoring call center support.

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•Q Protect provides professional monitoring and emergency dispatch for riders who want to entrust their safety to experts instead of friends and family alone. Q Protect links emergency data including name, accident location, vehicle info, medical and health info and impact analytics to local 911 Public Safety Answering Points most capable of rapid response. *Q Protect is currently only available in the United States of America

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•Crash Pro provides impact analytics including speed at impact, speed comparison before and after impact, distance traveled after impact, and impact data to APEX members.
•For every non-crash emergency, a rider can manually trigger the S.O.S. Beacon through the panic button in the FLY app or by tapping the helmet 4 times.
•Your smart helmet won’t call for help for every drop, ding, or bump. The algorithm identifies drops and send you an alert to check your helmet for damage.
•Technology is always evolving, and the FLY app can push updates to the helmet wirelessly as the algorithm is continuously improved and additional analytics are developed.

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•Data at your fingertips to help you reach your goals – whether it’s safer, smoother riding, or faster track times. Record your rides and track your speed – max and average, ride time, consistency, hard braking, rapid acceleration, and more.
•The Q-Score is a metric of the frequency, consistency, and safe habits of each ride. The higher the score, the safer and more consistent the ride style.
•The Quin device uses five scientific grade sensors to evaluate data during use and detect crash situations. Data can be shared with FLY’s analytics team to enhance algorithms and metrics. Thereby constantly improving safety of riders and expanding data metrics to improve performance on the track, trail, and road.
•LED indicator lights visible from exterior of helmet.

Formula S Carbon Legacy-Zach Osborne-2024-002•Bluetooth 5.0 guaranteed radio range of 20 meters (65 feet) to ensure a stable connection to the smartphone.
•Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Two-hour fast charge mode via Micro USB and up to 45* days battery life enhanced by automatic sleep and rise to wake functions. (*Estimated battery life with 2 hours of daily usage. Up to 60 days based on usage)
•Device sleeps automatically after 5 minutes if the app does not detect any movement, or if connection with the hardware is lost for more than 1 minute, and wakes at the first detection of movement to optimize battery life.  

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The FLY Formula S helmet, along with the full 2024 Fly Racing line, is now available for purchase, and interested riders can learn more at


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