WHAT IS IT? Works Connection’s Elite throttle tube incorporates all the current throttle technology to produce a frictionless feel when you twist the throttle.

WHAT’S IT COST? $69.95.

CONTACT? or (530) 642-9488.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Works Connection Elite throttle tube.

(1) Concept. Works Connection combined the best ideas about throttle tube design into one package. First, there is nothing unique about a CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum throttle tube. Every factory bike or high-end project bike uses an aluminum tube for durability. Second, the trend over the last few years is to use one throttle tube combined with an assortment of interchangeable cam pulleys to allow a single aluminum tube to be used on many different machines. This lowers manufacturing costs and is the hallmark of clamp-on grips from ODI, A’ME, Pro Taper, KTM, Moose and Torc1. Third, the Elite throttle tube has a ball bearing mounted internally to lessen drag. Works Connection was able to combine all these existing technologies into a single throttle tube.

(2) Interchangeable cams. The snap-on pulley cams allow the Works Connection Elite throttle tube to work on all modern four-strokes. Each cam has a letter molded in it that signifies which model of bike it fits. As a bonus, the system can be moved to your new bike when you sell the old one.

(3) Bearing. Installing bearings in a throttle tube to reduce drag is nothing new. Here is an incomplete list of aftermarket throttle tubes with ball-bearing inserts: Oberg (2001), Wirtz Twister (2005), Nue-Tec A.P.E. (2007), Zap Technix (2010) and Pro Taper Twister (2010). The Works Connection Elite throttle tube rides on a sealed, ABEC-1+ rated, radial ball bearing and an internal polymer bushing. The combination of the bearing and bushing allows the throttle tube to ride above the handlebars to create a frictionless feel. Less contact between the two translates into less drag.

(4) Installation. The Works Connection throttle tube installs like a traditional throttle tube, but there are a few tricks. If you have handlebars with a larger than normal inner diameter, like Renthal TwinWalls, you need to install the two supplied O-rings to take up the slack. Pay attention to which way the pulley cam snaps on to the throttle housing. It will go on backwards. Make sure that you feel the bearing plug into the end of the handlebars. Don’t misplace the steel end cap on the throttle tube. It keeps grit out of the bearing, but, most important, it stops grip glue from gumming up the bearing.

(5) Performance. Hallelujah! It is smoother, turns easier, especially at small incremental movements, snaps back with authority and works with all brands of grips.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No issues. Be sure to take time to read the instructions, because making a mistake with your throttle has bigger consequences than putting your underwear on backwards.

MXA RATING: We absolutely love the Works Connection Elite throttle tube, thanks to its 6061 tube, radial bearing, Delrin cams and smooth feel.


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