If you have a 2023 or 2024 KTM SXF you can retrofit the KTM Connectivity Unit to your 2023 or 2024 KTM SXF/XCF. The new tuning device is available from the KTM PowerParts catalog and can be ordered as a complete kit from you friendly local dealer.

The CUO was one of the main features of the 2024-1/2 Factory Edition models that form the basis of the machines being raced in the 2024 AMA Supercross and Motocross series. Thanks to easy-to-install, highly durable hardware and the options contained through the free KTMConnect App, the Connectivity Unit is the doorway to next-level riding.

The advantages of the KTM Connectivity Unit are: (1) Simplistic engine management and suspension set-up and full-blown analysis through the “Rider” section of the KTMConnect App. (2) The Connectivity Unit is a two-part system mounted between the right fork leg for the main device and the front fender for the GPS component on the redesigned front fender. (3) Through a series of wireless connectivity functions it is possible to fully customize their their ECU for track conditions, desired power output, Launch control settings, throttle response, traction control as well as engaging the Quickshifter to improve their on-track performance.

KTM riders can opt for “Prime” (toggling levels of Traction Control) or “Advanced” settings like engine braking. There are also presets for specific terrain (SAND, GRAVEL or HARD PACK) with dry and wet options.

It is possible to harness the potential of the KTM Connectivity Uni thanks to an alliance with LitPro. Based around data collected about speed, acceleration, deceleration, average speed, g-force, air-time, jump height, gearing, rpm, throttle position, water temperature, traction control, maps switch mode and more, LitPro makes calculations that show a rider’s trajectory and analytics to perfect the ideal line around a racetrack. You can even attach a heart rate monitor to give you even more infoh.

The KTM Connectivity Unit is available for $249.99 at Authorized KTM Dealers this spring. The annual subscription through KTMConnect is only $69.99 and sourced easily from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.


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